Name: Drill Stem Testing(DST) Tools General: Drill Stem Testing(DST) Tools is annular pressure operated full bore type.


Drill stem testing tools
For Cased Hole DST Tools
Cased Hole DST tools are full bore and annular pressure operated which are used for testing formations after casing has been set in a well. Full-bore tools allow perforating through the system. Also allow high production flow rates.
For standard DST tools, the main material is AISI 4130, and as per  special working ambient material Inconnel 718 will be used for  high standard requirements to  prevent H2S, Sour acid damage.
The standard material of O rings  is Viton for normal working  temperature i.e Max. 400F, Fluorel may also used as per special  requirements of high standard i.e. Max. 450F.
As for each tool running job the tools should be disassembled for O ring replaced and testing  again for next job preparation, all the O rings and metal parts will be available with tools as redress kits.
The tools should be tested in  pressure, sealing, function,  movement before each job, the  testing equipment also can be  supplied here with all relative connection pipes, sensors and so on.
Generally below information is suggested to supplied in order to figure out the  proper tools which can be working in good condition and safety.
Size i.e. 3 7/8", 5" or casing size from 4 1/2" to 20"(Casing range may also need to be known)
Working pressure: 70Mpa(10000psi), 105Mpa(15000psi).
Working Temperature: i.e. 400F
Working ambient: CO2,H2s, HCl...
Top and bottom connection: IF, CAS, EUE....




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